3 Essential SEO Changes You’ll Need in 2016

SEO in BrisbaneThe Internet is becoming more and more important in the everyday lives of people all over the world. With ultrafast data connections and mobile devices that now include wearable smartwatches, there’s no excuse not to interact with people and search for the things you need right when you need them. As a business owner, it’s time to step up your online marketing campaigns to get more people to view your site and buy your products. Here are some things you need to know for the year to come.

The Evolution of Content

Content comes in all sorts of visual and textual forms. Before, posting informative and relevant articles can give your website some SEO success. Now, you have to be more creative in the content you’re producing and how they reach your target customers. Step up your content marketing by posting eye-catching videos that people would want to share. This can help you gain more traffic and activity in your site, according to the experts from Bambrickmedia.com.au, a Brisbane-based SEO company.

The Importance of Geotargeting

Aside from using relevant and industry-appropriate keywords for your webpages, you must also include geotargeted ones to reach the people within your geographical location. You should also participate in local topics, sign up to listing websites like Yelp, and encourage your customers to leave positive reviews of your business. Work with your trusted Brisbane SEO company to come up with strategies to be more prominent in your locality.

 Capturing Micro-Moments

Google coined the term micro-moment for those fleeting moments that a user feels like doing something on the Internet, like watching a viral video, buying a product, or posting where they’re currently at. These people usually use their mobile devices on the go, so it’s your responsibility to prepare clear and user-friendly directions to take advantage of these micro-moments.

These things will be essential in the coming year, so start brainstorming with your SEO agent. You’ll surely reap great benefits once you find ways to step up your online marketing strategies.