3 Great Investments You Can Make For Your Wedding

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marqueeDo you know that Americans spend an average of $32,641 on weddings? Yes, saying ‘I Do’ is expensive and if you’re going to spend that much, you better put your money where it matters most.

Here are three great expenses for your wedding that can double as investments:

Hire a reliable video and photo team

If you’re lucky, you only get to marry once and if you really want to document what could be the best day of your life, what better way to do it than capture it all on video and photo? There are many wedding photographers and videographers out there, as well as photo and video styles to choose from. You must find the right team that will complement what you need or bring your ideas to life and improves them.

You have many reasons to hire professional photographers and videographers for your wedding. You need people to capture these moments as they happen. One Floor Up suggests that you consider these if you’re looking for an event video production team for your big day.

Hire a good caterer and an event coordinator

Your guests might forget your vows or the way the gowns and suits look. But they won’t forget the food. If you want to wow your guests and leave a good impression, hire the best caterer and make sure you discuss the menu and be present at all the food tasting sessions. To ensure that your guests will never forget your wedding, do consider food allergies, restrictions, and culture when choosing the dishes.

Get a designer wedding dress

Most American brides spend an average of over $1,300 on wedding dress alone? While there are many elegant, high quality, and remarkable wedding dresses that you can get off the rack, there are good reasons couples spend on designer wedding dresses. First, they can be good investments. Sure, you wear them only once, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them anymore. Some couples like to keep them for the next generation while others sell them for a profit.

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There are many ways to save on weddings but there are also many expenses that you can turn into good investments. What’s important is that you get smart about your wedding expenses so you don’t end up starting the rest of your life with a huge debt.