4 Advantages of Motorized Retractable Awnings

red automatic retractable awningThere is no doubt about the benefits of installing an awning in your home as it helps protect you against the elements. It might be tempting to get a manual awning because the upfront costs are much cheaper. However, automatic retractable awnings offer more advantages than the manual ones.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Before the invention of automatic retractable awnings, homeowners had to manually wind a crank in order to extend or close the awning. This takes a lot of time and effort which may be too difficult for older people.

Motorized retractable awnings, on the other hand, normally come with a remote control, so you can easily roll up or down the awning with just one press of a button. There’s no longer a need to waste your energy winding a crank.

Avoids Damaging the Fabric

With every manual release and closing of your awning, the fabric is exposed to stress and tension, which will eventually damage it. Automatic retractable awnings apply the right amount of pressure on the fabric, so there is less likelihood of damaging it.

Overall Protection and Safety

When manually closing an awning, there is that possibility that you did not shut it off properly and might suddenly unwind. The motorized ones are specifically designed to guarantee that the cassettes are kept locked at all times when rolled up to avoid accidents.

Smooth Docking System

The uneven pressure exerted on manual awnings can take its toll on the docking system. Too much of this and you risk subjecting it to frequent wear and tear, which will eventually damage it beyond repair.

The motorized ones, on the other hand, have designs that allow them close and open in a measured and controlled manner. This feature protects the docking system while ensuring full closure of the awning.

Manually rolling and unrolling an awning takes a lot of time and effort. The time you could have spent on more productive things.

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Additionally, exerting that extra effort might not even be possible for some people because of their advanced age or disability. An automatic retractable awning makes everything convenient so it’s easy for everyone and there is no need to waste time anymore.