4 Tips for Conducting Successful Performance Tests

Software Being TestedA malfunctioning software is something that no one wants to encounter. Therefore, like other gadgets available in the market, software systems are also subject to a variety of tests to assure its quality and reliability once released into the market.

Developers run JavaScript performance tests, for instance, to help assure software quality. Planning to check your own software and website to see whether or not they would make it in the real world? Here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

Assess the problem.

This is the first thing you need to know. Which areas do you want to test? Are there any problem areas you want to focus on? Seeing possible problems and assessing it beforehand can help you better understand which approach to take. It can also help you decide on the second point.

Decide on the type of test.

There are different types of tests designed to check on different parts of the system. The performance test is the most common as it helps check how well your system is running. Stress tests let you know how much your system can handle before it reaches its breaking point. Soak test, on the other hand, lets you see the number of users your system can handle. There are still other kinds of tests available that would help improve your system.

Have a testing environment.

Like in science experiments, having a controlled testing environment is a must. Decide on one and check whether or not your system can handle it.

Record and assess results.

Do not forget to take a record of everything that happened along the way. Doing so can help you better analyze and assess the results after the test is done.

Performance testing plays an integral role in the success or failure of the system. Make sure you take time to conduct it and use the results to help improve your product.

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