About Us

Technology is in a constant state of change, and it’s something we can’t really afford to ignore simply because of how much our lives revolve around it. Whether you’re a student studying in college or a successful business person, technology is something you can’t live without.

At TheDailyScrapper.com, our focus is to bring readers like you only the latest and most trending tech news and developments in the realm of IT. It is impossible for a person to stay up to date without reading or checking the latest news, and it is very easy to be left behind. We understand this concern; that is why we focus on delivering high quality content that will educate and inform you of the latest trends and the newest developments.

Our Writing Team

Our team of writers has considerable knowledge and experience in the realm of IT and tech. They use their extensive understanding of some of the more complicated concepts to make it easier for general readers to understand.

Again, we’d like to emphasize that we only publish content that is well-researched and will truly benefit you whether you’re a tech nerd or an office worker. Our goal is to not only educate and inform our readers, but also make each topic more exciting and readable.

What We Believe In

We believe that understanding technology —an integral part in the development of our society—doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. We know that people from all occupations have the potential to benefit from a little tech know-how and wisdom.

Whatever business you have or occupation you hold, we firmly believe that you will benefit from a better understanding of our increasingly technologically dependent world.