Australia’s Remote Control Technology Today and Tomorrow

Remote Control TechnologyWho doesn’t want control over everything? With remote control technology, everyone may have that. Over the years, technology has progressed at such a fast rate, so much so that people don’t have to do anything more than click on buttons and connect to the internet to control and access a number of devices, services and networks, even from a distance.

In Australia, it is constantly evolving. What was once exclusive to television now works with homes, cars and a variety of other things. Here is how Australia’s remote control technology looks like today, and how it will be like in the future.

Today: Smart Homes, Cane Trains

Remote programming for garages is becoming a popular home automation technology all over the world. Once you arrive home, one tap on your smartphone will open the doors for you, allowing you to park your car straight away.

Similar technologies work for light control and monitoring energy usage, the makings of a fully automated home. Thermostats and appliances are also controllable via apps that work in conjunction with the brand. They let you regulate indoor temperature and turn the thermostat on or off when you need to, saving you from mounting bills.

In addition to smart homes, remote control technology is also revolutionising some of the country’s oldest and biggest industries. One of them is the cane train. Recently, it transformed the transport into a driver-only locomotive.

Cane trains used to require a driver and a pointsman, but with the incorporation of technology, pushing or pulling the train from the main line to the siding can be done with a remote control command.

Tomorrow: Remote Control Under Your Skin

The dawn of remote control technology already started with the electronic devices. Soon enough, it will hit closer to home, because it will be under human skin. Recently, an inaugural conference addressed the 'DIY Cyborg Movement in Australia'. Scannable chip implants will be all that it will take to access subways and bank accounts, and disclose vital information such as medical records.

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One scan on the wrist is enough for access, from long or short distances. In the next years or decades, the remote control may be your skin itself.

With the rate at which remote control technology is rising in Australia and in the world, it won’t be surprising if everything will run by it one day. Everybody wants to take control, and maybe one day, everybody will.