Bed, Breakfast, and Broadband: The Digital Age of Accommodation

Wi-Fi Connection in West Jordan, UtahIn the past decade, the Internet has changed the game for many businesses. Many people are online these days, and several businesses take advantage of easy access to the Internet. Because of this, there is a noticeable trend in gaining customer satisfaction – and this is most noticeable in the business of accommodations. 

What guests look for

Customer satisfaction is what hotels always aim for. Usually, this can be ensured through clean and well-maintained facilities, an excellent staff ready to address the guests’ needs, and services that cater to their specific preferences. While it is still important to have these, guests also identify one more amenity that will keep them satisfied during the course of their stay: Internet access and hotel WiFi.

Guests want to stay connected even when they’re away from home. This is why they identified good wireless Internet as another factor that affects their satisfaction. Recent surveys show that internet connectivity in hotels correlates to guest satisfaction. In fact, one survey shows that Internet availability is the first service that guests look for when looking for a place to stay. Also, many of the services that your hotel already offers – such as check-in, luggage safekeeping, housekeeping, and concierge – can be enhanced with an Internet connection within your facility. Thus, not only will your guests be pleased with WiFi in your hotel; you’ll also make your services better with the Internet.

Turning your hotel into a hotspot

Of course, you can’t just have any Internet connection in your hotel; it has to be a good Internet connection. A good connection means high-speed data and the capacity to have several computers connected to the hotspot at one time. You also have to make sure that the connection you’ll set up in your hotel is one that can handle bandwidth-heavy Internet services such as video streaming, social media, and file sharing.

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If you decide on making your hotel WiFi-ready, you need to make sure that you get the best service provider to install your Internet connection. That way, you can make sure that the connection you give your guests is at its best, and that it will benefit your business as well.