Employee Offboarding: The Most Critical Processes to Remember

Dismissed Employee Holding A BoxIf you fail to practice the necessary security measures when an employee leaves could be a financial disaster waiting to happen. However, it does happen, mostly due to overly complicated offboarding processes that require the involvement of so many people that making a mistake becomes inevitable. Below are the top tasks that you should prioritize during the employee offboarding process.

Clear All Company Data from the Employee’s Devices

If bringing in personal devices to work is allowed in your company, your employee probably stores some critical company data or could access them, on his or her devices as well. From confidential client information to contact and email lists and internal process documents, if this critical information gets out, perhaps from the ex-employee’s smartphone or tablet, and falls into the wrong hands, it would be hard to regain the trust of your clients.

Therefore, make sure that employees meet with your IT department to ensure that all traces of company information, including access codes, are wiped out.

Collect All Equipment As Soon As Possible

If you allow soon-to-be ex-employees to keep company-issued devices, even for a weekend, this could mean providing unauthorized direct access to your company’s valuable resources and data. Think about this, if your employee leaves because you fired him or to work for your competition, this could result in catastrophic damage for your entire company.

Regularly Monitor Employee Access to Software Tools

Are you aware of how many software licenses your company uses and which employees have access to all your SaaS subscriptions? If you don’t have a way to monitor employee access to software, you might forget to terminate the account of an employee who’s exiting your company.

Also, depending on the SaaS tool, your ex-employee could continue to use it and have access to valuable company data for months to years. Remember that every single login means an access point, so monitoring software access is critical to ensuring a high level of data security.

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The long and short of it all is this; from financials to data and company reputation, if you fail to terminate an ex-employee’s access to company data, devices, and software, you might be in for some potentially devastating consequences. So get your employee offboarding process in order as soon as you can.