Enlist the Help of Technology to Provide Solutions for Patients

Technology to Provide Solutions for Patients In the world of therapy and rehab, the tasks required of you can be very demanding. Though your patients may be suffering from the same condition, the therapeutic work required for them may differ.

Patients that require therapy or post-operative rehabilitation have unique and distinct needs. As such, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation sees the need to treat them individually, recording individual progress and maintaining their schedules. The work demand is so great that sometimes even a full staff seem not to be enough. Fortunately, therapeutic practitioners can now enlist the help of technology to manage some of the tasks. What are these tasks?

Efficient Scheduling

Due to the unique care needed by each patient, therapeutic professionals must establish an efficient scheduling system that will ensure everyone receives the same amount of time and attention. Using electronic medical software like Raintree Systems can help you in this aspect. It automatically assigns specific schedules to individual patients without fear of overlapping.

Well-organized Recording Of Progress

This is perhaps the most work-intensive phase of the therapeutic treatment. The healthcare professional must be able to monitor progress or changes in patients’ condition and immediately document such. With an electronic medical documentation system, this task becomes easier and simpler. In addition, you get to enjoy the added benefit of being able to access the record anywhere you go.


Unless you have lots of available time, you might just want to read a clear synopsis of the entire documentation. This could include the type of therapeutic treatment the patient underwent, number of sessions participated, progress, and other relevant data snippets that could present the entire story in summarized form.


Best of all, most of these medical software systems have integrated billing or invoicing features that automatically computes the amount due. You can use this even for cash-based patients. It grabs information from standardized fees and rates per session hour, plus other services that may have been rendered by your staff. All of these data will be collated and computed then presented in an invoice form. This way, everything that ought to be charged is automatically added.

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The automation of some tasks involved in therapeutic and rehabilitation programs can take a great load off the shoulders of professionals. By using electronic medical applications, you get to focus on the more important things, that is, actually caring for the welfare of your patients.