Factors to Consider When Choosing a Network Cabling

network cablingThe choice of the cable for your network cabling project affects the quality of your local area network and the amount of data that you can send from one point to the other in the building. Here are the most important areas to consider when purchasing the cable.

The bandwidth of the cable

The bandwidth is the amount of information that can be transferred over a particular cable at any given moment. Cables with greater bandwidth can pass information faster than that those with small bandwidth. The bandwidth capacity is displayed on the package.

Signal attenuation

Information moves over cables in the form of electrical signals. The signals weaken as information travels over a distance. This is called signal attenuation. Different cables can transmit information over specific distances without requiring a signal boost. If you are transmitting data over a long distance, consider picking a cable that can transport data over a reasonable distance without the need for boosting.

Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)

There are electrical signals that are emitted by other electrical appliances in the office such as printers, high power lines and lights that might disrupt the transmission of information over the network cable. Consider buying cables that can block out EMI if you are working in a busy office.


A scalable network can be expanded to cater for added workstations as the company grows. Scalability eases installation of additional equipment and lowers the cost, as you do not need to replace the core elements of the network. Bear in mind the future network requirements of your company as you plan for network cabling in Singapore. Choose a cable that is easy to install when expanding the network.


Setting up a network is quite expensive. Thus, it is important to plan and install quality cables. This saves you the headache of maintaining a poor network and upgrading the same as the company grows.