Five Factors that Affect Your Wi-Fi’s Capabilities

Slow Internet ConnectionWireless networks link people to the internet, allowing them to enjoy modern devices such as mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, and even kitchen appliances. An unreliable wireless network, however, can lead to dissatisfaction.

Below are five reasons behind it as explained by Singtel.


Networks have finite amounts of bandwidth, primarily depending on your existing connection plan. As a result, the devices and applications connected to it compete for available bandwidth resulting to slow data speeds and overall poor performance. Prevent this from happening by upgrading your internet connection plan and disconnecting devices that are not in use.

ISP Speed

Not all internet service providers can deliver excellent data speeds. Apart from their poor hosting services, your internet service provider may also have difficulties distributing reliable connection among subscribers. Incidents like this should be reported immediately or you can just upgrade your connection plan for a faster, more reliable service.


Environmental factors also play a huge part when it comes to internet speed. Wireless signals find it hard to pierce through walls and insulation materials leading to poor device connection. Appliances such as furnaces and washing machines add interference, too. Position your router in an open area so that wireless signals can bounce directly in your device.

Outdated Router

Outdated routers prevent you from maximizing your internet speed. Apart from choppy signals, they can also be a cause of internet loss and “black spots” around the house. Because of this, it is important to use an up-to-date router that will let you stream movies, play games, and download files without interruption.


Wireless routers have limited range, which is why devices far from their reach won’t be able to receive optimal speed. Prevent this from happening by repositioning your router or upgrading to a stronger kind. You can also place it in a central location that is close to all Wi-Fi devices.

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Keeping up with technology can be tough. Use your internet bandwidth wisely and make sure that you’re working with a reliable service provider.