Fixed Satellite Services: What Is Its Importance in This Day and Age?

Satellite dishFixed Satellite Services (FSS) are a type of satellite that lets users receive or make calls through their mobile devices. Telecommunications companies place and fix FSS systems in strategic locations to maximise coverage. It provides reception to thousands of subscribers. This also ensures that they do not lose reception while travelling.

How Does FSS Work?

Most commonly used to handle mobile phone communications, FSS systems are the most utilised devices for global telephony infrastructure. They are basically huge transceivers that receive and broadcast mobile phone signals through large distances. An FSS system is similar in function to a Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) system. Except, MSS systems are portable enough for you to move from one place to another. FSS systems, on the other hand, are in one permanent location. This is mainly due to the large dish-like antennas that FSS systems have.

Applications and Advantages of FSS

FSS systems are very versatile and can handle various cell phone functions. These include text messages, phone calls, and sharing of images, videos, and files — as long as users send and receive them through normal GSM signals. Since they are permanently in a fixed location, users can get reliable reception. This is unlike with an MSS system as it moves around. The closer a user gets to an FSS system, the stronger their signal becomes. The farther away they are, the weaker the signal gets. The minute they lose connection from the first FSS, however, their mobile devices will start to communicate with the next FSS system. As such, they never actually lose reception.

Have you ever wondered why the telecommunications industry continues to grow? It’s because satellites enable a very effective means of communication and can operate as part of a much larger network or independently. They are not limited to certain locations only. They are available on a global scale. Satellites are also very reliable. Finally, terrestrial outages due to natural disasters do not affect them.

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