Gamers Now Have a Dedicated ‘YouTube Citadel’ Solely for Gaming

YoutubeYouTube Gaming went live last Wednesday, October 14, and is already home to over 25,000 video game pages. The dedicated gaming hub is accessible on desktop PCs, as well as Android and iOS devices.

A Dedicated Channel

YouTube gaming is a new innovation, but the video-sharing website isn’t exactly new to the genre. Since the launch of video cameras and online games, YouTube has been the go-to website for many gamers to host their channels displaying their gaming talents. It’s the same place where notable video gaming celebrities like PewDiePie, Markiplier, and the whole cast of Vinesauce found their success, and the introduction of dedicated gaming hub is likely to present a challenge to Twitch.

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s global head of gaming content, says YouTube Gaming was built “by gamers for gamers,” and is set to address the growing needs that are uniquely tied to those who consume interactive games.

He added, “We are bringing all of YouTube’s amazing live and VOD gaming content into one tailored experience with 25,000 game pages.” He further notes, “With a sleek design, it is organized around games that matter to gamers in a mobile optimized experience.”

Those same 25,000 pages, which are now live, are already being populated with a surprisingly large gaming catalogue further bolstered with new broadcast. YouTube has also retooled its video game section, making it more appropriate and seamless for gamers.

A New Challenger Appears!

Thomas Owadenko, CEO of Octoly, notes that YouTube Gaming will present a strong competitor for Twitch, which, for the past few years, has been the “dedicated” video-streaming service for gamers worldwide.

Leage of Legends

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He explains, “We expect YouTube’s share of livestreaming views to rise significantly,” adding that, “This is especially true with games that have a significant percentage of e-sports videos, such as League of Legends and Call of Duty.”

YouTube is already showing signs that it may trump Twitch altogether; YouTube has a broader appeal than Twitch, with the latter only known until recently in gaming circles.

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Owadenko adds, “Most of YouTube’s huge inventory revolves around blockbusters and sandbox games, including Minecraft, GTA Online and others.”

He adds that YouTube’s massive vault of gaming content, ranging from walkthroughs, video game reviews, and the ever popular Let’s Plays, sets it apart from Twitch. He further explains that although Twitch already serves up some on-demand content, it isn’t as extensive as YouTube.

YouTube’s huge archived gaming content will also be a part of the new gaming citadel, with Owadenko noting that “archived content will never be downgraded or hidden, because it is a huge revenue for all involved: YouTubers, YouTube the company, and brands who know that those views of creator channels lead directly to sales.”

Twitch remains the top video-sharing platform for many gamers, but this may all change once gamers get into the reins of YouTube Gaming.