How Communication Tools Help Companies

digital communication platforms graphic photoIn any large business effort, stakeholders, development teams and organizations need to work and communicate though they are in different places. Websites like explain that communication is vital in any business, so the cloud and mobile apps provide them with the communication tools they need. They know the status of other sub-projects and what is required of them, which enables them to work together and complete the demands of the project in time.

Communication Bloat

Communication increases as projects progress. Preventing information and communications bloat is a concern to many businesses. Many programs use filtering for priorities, modules and sub-projects, and so a project management software can prevent email flooding. Using the cloud does not solve the problem of getting a message across. The act of sending a message is as important the confirmation that the message has been received. The project communications plan is a start. It details what information goes where and when. It also makes sure that all the stakeholders, developers and other parties concerned are provided with timely information. Timely information is what the cloud and mobile apps provide to many businesses.

Communication in the Digital Age

The digital age has allowed different mediums of communication. Video and telephone conferencing provides time and cost-saving benefits. Emails also provide digital documentation. The cloud allows companies to save digital files where they can be accessed from any part of the world with a digital connection. But face-to-face interactions are still the best way to communicate. Many psychologists explain that the content of the message is only 7% of the process of communication. The quality of voice conveys 38%. The remaining 55% is through non-verbal communication, including posture, gestures, facial expressions, and micro-expressions. Communication is key to any project management. The cloud provides a way for companies to share information and files, but a project management software could provide a way managers to oversee their projects and provide their instruction even if they are found in opposite sides of the world.

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