How the Internet Changed the Game

Online JobIn less than a century, we've gone from just connecting a couple of computers together to virtually connecting the entire world. The result of this is what we now call the internet, and it’s brought us some pretty great things so far.

Up there are things like Facebook and cat memes, but beyond all the fun and games, we've been able to connect businesses and communities in unimaginable ways.

In a paper presented at the Foreign Commonwealth Office International Cyber Conference in 2011, it stated that the internet accounted for 21 percent of the GDP growth in mature economies over the past five years. Many of the things we couldn't do due to physical barriers can be done online instead.

Work from Anywhere in the World

Whether you enjoy working from your neighborhood coffee shop or holed up in a tree house, it ultimately doesn't matter. The only thing that really matters is your computer and internet connection. The sky's the limit! Interact with someone halfway across the world and explore economies you couldn't reach before. Reach clients that need and can afford your services easily.

Maximize Your Skills and Capacity

What many people fail to realize is that some of the most common skills can be very lucrative online. The Richest lists that the top 10 money-making online occupations include being a writer or author.

Many menial tasks actually pay a good amount of money online. MyView says you can even get paid for sharing your opinions. Some clients also pay for you to arrange their flights for them.

Commit the Time You Have

One of the best things about remote work is that many positions and listings give you the option to work flexibly. This means you’re not constricted by normal working hours. You're not forced to work a nine-to-five schedule. This is changing the lives of moms who want to work from home, college students struggling with their schedules, and even huge chunks of the general workforce in developing countries having a hard time making ends meet.

Online jobs are making waves and are even changing how whole economies work. In these exciting times, it's best to get on board and involved in finding your own little online venture. After all, it'll always be just a click away.

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