How to Choose the Right Door Hardware

Person fixing a door knobSelecting the right door handles and hardware is one of the best but subtle ways of giving your home a new look. Aside from thinking about safety considerations for doors, you can take time to think about where and how the door will be used, your home’s overall environment and how the doors will look like.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right door hardware.

Determine your door’s function

A door’s function depends largely on where it is placed. Closet doors and hallways need non-locking passage knobs or levers. For areas that require privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms, you’ll probably consider a locking, privacy knob or lever.

Taking stock of the doors in your home and their function ensures that you can purchase the appropriate door hardware and accessories.

Consider your surrounding environment

Several types of door hardware are available and can be matched to suit the environment where the door will be installed. Brass or antique door handles may look better in a home with warmer tones. Stainless steel, chrome or porcelain hardware, on the other hand, suit cool colour schemes better.

Living near the ocean or in tropical areas entails choosing door handles and hardware that can withstand weather and the elements. Selecting durable materials, like 316-grade stainless steel, can make your doors resistant to salt and weather damage.

No matter where you are located, your door hardware needs to be robust and remain operable.

Choosing the right style and finish

As you select the best door handles and accessories for your home, consider the overall theme of your home, the design of the room it will be installed in and the type of door design the handles will be used with. Using angular handles will not mesh well with a traditional design approach.

Creating a well-thought-out plan for upgrading your home’s door handles will yield great results. When you choose the right materials and finishes, you are well on your way to building and designing a home that you would be proud to call your own.

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