How to Reduce the Risk of Getting Your Products “Hijacked” on Amazon

Woman checks Amazon websiteAmazon has continued to grow into this vast virtual marketplace for almost every kind of product there is, ever since its birth in 1994. And just like everything else that grows, there will always be elements that can stunt this growth like viruses, fraud, and “hijackers.” notes that the incidence of fraud enables “hijackers” to steal away sales on Amazon. They can either create low-quality imitations of your private-label products or simply resell them without permission. No seller can tolerate this kind of behavior, especially if you’ve worked so hard to come up with your product.

Here are some steps to help you nip those hijackers in the bud.

1. Use photos of your product that visibly show your brand logo.

Hijackers stay away from products that are highly-customized and visibly branded. Emphasize the logo on your products whenever you post photos. Or you can make it difficult to copy by posting two of the same products from different manufacturers.

2. Document everything.

Make a habit of taking screenshots of all your product listings and everything else that comes up after you add your products. You’ll never know when they could serve as proof that your products are yours.

3. Create a website for your brand.

Not only will this be proof that your brand is yours, but it’ll also help you with the brand registry process on Amazon and give you a place to store all your product lists.

4. Use software that can monitor your ASINs.

Do your research on software that can monitor your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) and alert you when there’s an unauthorized sale of your product.

Yes, you may need to spend a bit to protect your products, but protection is always a good investment. Once you’ve done all the four steps above, you can lean back and relax knowing your products are safe online.

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