How to Teach Your Children About Faith

a woman holding a religious bookChildren today are more open and firm about their beliefs. They’ll speak their minds about it, while still keeping the respect for those who think otherwise. That’s why it’s important to keep your children in check when it comes to the values they choose for themselves as they enter adolescence.

One of those values is faith. To have complete trust in something or someone means learning how to trust in yourself, and in others. Faith Wireless believes that the church is an important part of a family and a good place to introduce a very important aspect of life.

These steps can help you on this journey of faith with your children.

1. Teach them about prayer

This is the best form of faith — communicating their gratitude, love, repentance, and needs to a greater being.

Pray with your children before and after meals, after their bedtime story or at any occasion that you should be thankful for. Let them know that if they are troubled but can’t speak to anyone one about it, they can offer it all up through prayer.

2. Teach them about service

This means teaching them how to serve others. It could be as simple as sharing a seat with the new student in school or helping an elderly cross the street. Putting others first will help them have faith in the good that it will bring them in the future.

3. Teach them how to love

Faith and love are like siblings. You have faith in them because you love them. Teach them to love more those who are difficult to love. Smiling at the school bully or sitting with the “uncool” group during lunch can teach them to have faith in people.

Faith has to be learned from within the family setting. The kind of person you want your children to be will depend on their upbringing. Teach them what’s right and show them what faith is by having faith in them, too.

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