Hurricane Survival Guide: Basic Suggestions

Hurricane SurvivalVery few natural phenomena can cause more damage than a hurricane. In many areas around the U.S. flash floods make the problem of hurricanes even more complicated. While the most devastating cases of flooding result in extreme property destruction and even loss of life, even the less extreme cases can cause water damage to homes.

If a hurricane is headed to your area, it is very important that you know how to prepare. Here are some tips.

  1. Have a plan. There is no better way to prepare for a natural phenomenon like a hurricane than to have a plan. This means assigning escape routes and responsibilities. For example, assign one member of your family to grab a particular survival bag, etc. Agree on a safe spot in your neighborhood where you should wait for each other in case you get separated.
  2. Return only to your home when it’s declared safe. Your local authority will inform you whether it is safe to return to your house if you had been forced to evacuate. If there is water in your house, do not enter it. Always wear shoes while inspecting the area. Call your insurance company as soon as you can. Get in touch with a local electrician; avoid checking the wiring and electricity yourself. According to an expert from TASCO, Inc., there’s a need to use specialized tools such as a circuit breaker locator. This device helps a user tell what circuit breaker went to what outlet, light, etc., which may have to be checked individually. Electrocution or short circuits are a real possibility in case of flooding and water damage.
  3. Always store food and water for emergencies. No matter what weather, it pays to have some food and water that you can easily grab in case of emergencies. Canned or dried food, bottled water, and other supplies for emergencies should be placed in a backpack which should be located in a dry and safe place where it’s easy to grab. Replace your supplies with a fresh batch now and then; every six months should be good.

Humans may not be able to beat some natural phenomena, but it’s only prudent to be prepared for whatever eventuality. These are only a handful of suggestions; there are much more that you should consider following.