In the Name of Downloads: 3 Strategies to Nail an App Name

Man using his white cellphoneIt’s not enough to have a functional, user-friendly app. Its name should be good, too. It is, after all, what makes the first impression and the very thing that’s going to be said over and over when people recommend it to their friends. Plus, out of all the brain training and menstrual tracking apps, it might just be your app’s name that would make people choose it and download. So how exactly do you nail an app name? Here are some strategies:

1. Imply its functionality

As mentioned, the app’s name makes the first impression on users. You want that first touchpoint to count. The name of your app will sort of introduce what it does. You should be able to capture in gist your app’s functionality and purpose. One of the best examples here is Evernote, which at first read evokes already what it does: allowing users to take notes whenever and wherever. Reputable mobile app development companies highly suggest that when you’re able to pin down what your app is about, list down all the words that may be synonymous to it or provoke an imagery connected to it.

2. Identify your audience

Take cues from your target market. Chances are you will find a jargon they use, which you can harness. If you talk in their language, you’re able to connect with them right away, even before they hit the download, and make your app very relevant at the same time. A good example here is a period tracker app called Flo. It’s very simple but catchy and relatable since almost every woman knows who “Aunt Flo” is. Hence, again, profile your target market according to the words that make them tick. Also, note that there are universal words that are understandable across different types of audience. For instance, “snap” generally describes photo-related apps, and “gram” refers to messaging apps.

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3. Increase visibility

More than communicating the purpose and relating to your audience, your app’s name should also have an increased ranking potential in the app store. You can do this by having relevant, high-traffic keywords in the name. Although you think that playing on the word “love” and making it “lurrrve” is a creative idea, you may have less visibility in terms of dating apps when you use this. So use real words and start your keyword search with Google Keyword Planner.

Again, the name of your app makes the first impression. Therefore, make the right one. Remember these tips as you brainstorm for the next big app.