Microsoft Challenges the MacBook with its Surface Book


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Microsoft’s VP Panos Panay, along with CEO Satya Nadella, unveiled an arsenal of new gadgets at an event last October 13, challenging Apple with a bold claim that its new Surface book is “twice as fast as the MacBook Pro.”

Although the claim may have been to win over Apple fans, the proclamation may have the spine to back up its monumental claim.

The Battle Between the Best Books

Microsoft’s newest product is the top-of-the-line Surface Book laptop. It takes the two-in-one concept of its predecessor to the next level, breaking into three configurations: a portable clipboard with a 13.5-inch display detached from the keyboard, a laptop, and what Microsoft calls as a “creative canvas,” which boasts of a pen-first mode.

The Surface Book has a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 16 GB of memory, along with a multitouch PixelSense screen and a Surface Pen. It will also have up to 12 hours of battery life. Microsoft sets the price at US$1,500.

Apple fanatics are understandably skeptical of Microsoft’s claims, but the design of the Surface Book seems to hold the key. Although no specifications apart from the previous specs have been released, the clip function of the tablet seems to be what will make it overcome the MacBook.


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When the tablet is docked with the keyboard, the resulting laptop gets access to a superfast NVidia GeForce graphics process unit that turns the humble Surface Book into a competent gaming laptop. whatsapp plus for ipad The reason is simple; in higher-end tablet and laptop models, the keyboard adds considerable horsepower that allows it to rival dedicated laptops and tablets in the same range.

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Although this seems to be the trump card Microsoft has over Apple’s MacBook, debates over which is faster and are still ongoing throughout online forums and social networking sites.

Processors and Speed

One of the main concerns critics have regarding Microsoft’s claim is that the Surface Book only seems to beat the MacBook in terms of graphical performance. This is due to the aforementioned integrated graphics unit, but otherwise, the recently released specs seem to imply otherwise.

Despite this, many commenters from both sides note that most of the analyses and debates don’t take into account the Surface Book’s skylake design, which may be a contributing factor to the CPU’s supposed faster speed over the MacBook.

Until Microsoft releases a more extensive list of specifications for its upcoming “MacBook Killer,” it is impossible to tell if the Surface Book will truly beat Apple’s line of laptops in terms of speed.