New Website Owners Should Avoid Making These SEO Mistakes

website design conceptFinally, your website is complete, the design is intuitive, the colour palette just the way you wanted it and the call to action look great!

Now, you can’t wait to boost your sites rankings, increase traffic and convert some hot leads into customers. As a website newbie, you’re bound to make some common and costly mistakes. Here are some you should avoid:

No Keyword Strategy

Keyword optimisation is critical in search engine marketing, so, if you don’t have the right keywords, all your subsequent efforts will be in vain. It’s simple; if you do a bad job choosing the keywords you insert in your blogs and social media posts; your customers won’t find you.

This means no traffic to your site, and consequently no sales. Online users use certain words when searching for products or services. In SEO marketing, these words are called keywords.

Since the success of your organic search efforts largely rests on the use of the right keywords, get in touch with social media marketing and management services experts and have them research, analyse and select the right keywords for your website.

No KPI for Your SEO

When thinking about SEO strategy, you must also think about desired outcomes. What do you want to achieve as you implement SEO? With so many SEO strategies, it’s important to identify which one is working for you.

Changes in traffic, conversions, and rankings are some metrics you can use to measure SEO performance. The metrics you choose to use depend on your website’s objectives. Some people use their websites to create brand awareness while others use their sites to increase conversions.

Each of these objectives requires a different metric. Again, hiring a marketing agency will save you the hassle of having to understand the intricate details of selecting the correct metrics and analysing them.

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Neglecting voice search and mobile friendliness

In recent times, there has been an upsurge on web browsing from mobile devices. If your site has a snail loading speed on the mobile phone or tablets, it needs some tweaks. The massive shift from desktop browsing means that all current and future SEO strategies must be mobile-centric.

For online businesses, SEO is one of the most cost-friendly inbound marketing’s strategies. Now that you know some common loops website newbies make, you won’t have to make mistakes only to correct them later.