NFC Information Transfer is Versatile and Easy to Use

Group Using Their Mobile PhonesThere are several advantages to using near-field communications (NFC) devices. It has a small footprint and an even smaller energy requirement. It does not use SMS or the internet to transfer information. NFC is perfectly suited as a security key or as a payment system which can replace credit cards. Experts and manufacturers like, have come up with new applications for improved and expanded use of NFC.


Although based on RFID, it does not have the range which can be useful in tollbooths. NFC requires proximity. This allows for two devices to communicate with one another. Without using Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G or 4G, NFC communication is capable of sending and receiving information. It also happens to have low power requirements and does not drain the battery when in use. In actual use, the devices have to be close to one another, and there would be a user prompt to start any data transfer. Android devices have Android Beam which is an app which allows NFC enabled devices to communicate with one another.

Expanded Uses

The most common scenario for NFC is payment. It can be used to pay for trains and buses. It can also be used in payment systems instead of credit and debit cards. As a method of transferring information, it can transfer personal data and contact information. The data does not have to be limited to small files or short information. It can also be used to transfer images or documents between smartphones. Sharing apps is also possible with NFC. It is possible to direct another android phone directly to the app’s page on Google Play.

In the same token, it can be used to share Google Maps directions. It is also possible to send phone instructions which would run apps on the other phone. NFC tags are also one way of transferring data between devices. These are small snippets of information like URL or some other tag. The recipient device can use these for use in an app.

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