Proper Lab Reading is Key to Saving Lives

Laboratory testsLaboratory test results must be carefully read and interpreted by researchers before proceeding to the next step. In the case of the medical industry, such results can lead to more experiments or production of medicines.

Working in the Research and Development department of a small pharmaceutical company is not an easy task. You need to conduct a broad array of experiments and have to ensure that the results are accurate to the letter. According to Mayo School of Health Sciences, laboratory testing plays a vital role in the diagnosis and proper treatment of diseases. A Proper reading of results is also required as any misreading could lead to disastrous consequences and obviously, you would not want such to happen.

Lab Report Elements

Oftentimes, a laboratory report would contain not only the results of the test but also some clerical and administrative information. This may include an identifier number, date of the test and when the report was printed, who’s in charge of the test, specimen source, and many more. In fact, you could even say that lab test results take too long to be released not because of the complexity of the experiment done but because of the voluminous paperwork it required.

Within Bounds

Among the important tasks of a laboratory researcher is to compare the results with certain reference values and see if it is within or are outside the range of normal values. This is what’s called as a reference range. It helps provide you with the proper understanding of whether you are on the right track or not. Failure to properly determine whether you are a particular reference range can result in dire consequences.

The Right Decision

The ultimate goal of laboratory testing, says LABWORKS, is to ensure that end users — whether in the medical or petrochemical industry — will have the right data that can help them make an informed decision. Due to a large amount of information, it has become necessary for laboratories to use LIMS software instead of traditional means of filling out information data sheets. Short for Laboratory Information Management System, it does the task of several people in one instance with greater efficacy. What’s more, most LIMS are now cloud-based, meaning that making informed decisions just became easier and smarter.

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There is one phrase in a spy novel where the doctor constantly say that she has to write important things down because if she does not, then it never happened. The same is true for laboratory tests, only in this case, writing it down on paper could mean reams upon reams of paper stacked on top of one another. According to PR Newswire, cloud-based software applications like the LIMS help researchers or scientists track and transmit data to professionals so they can make informed decisions about certain situations. In a way, it’s helping save lives.