Protect Your Online Security by Securing Your Home’s Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi NetworkThe Wi-Fi network in your home might be an outstanding device of stable, high-speed internet connection, but are you sure that it’s safe? Even if you’ve already hooked up all your devices and computers, you still need to make sure that you’ve secured the network against unwanted visitors.
Besides using a secure VPN application from Private Tunnel, here’s how you can guarantee that this won’t happen.

Update and Configure Your Router

If you haven’t explored the settings page of your router, now is definitely the time to do so. You can always refer to the instruction manual from your Internet Service Provider.
To begin, modify the default password and username needed to gain access to the router’s onboard settings. Take note: this is not the same as your Wi-Fi password, so you should be the only one who knows this.
There are different settings for each router, but there is constantly a portion where you can view the connected devices. Remember the MAC addresses of all your devices to monitor if there are suspicious devices connected.

Regularly Change Your Passwords

Do you remember all the people you freely gave your Wi-Fi password to? It’s not that you’re accusing your family, friends, and guests of using all your bandwidth, but it’s always good practice to know who has access to the network.
With a simple password change, you could immediately reset your network and reduce the number of devices with access to it. Examine your router settings and you will easily find this. Sure, entering a new password to regain access to all your devices takes time, but it will get rid of unwanted users.
Do you want to feel paranoid every time you go online? Keep your personal information safe and freely enjoy browsing without any worries.

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