Why You Shouldn’t Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic BagEverybody knows that plastic bags cause significant damage to the environment. This is exactly why certain communities advocate the use of paper or other materials that are more sustainable instead. There is, however, another side to the story.

In Defense of the Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are created using energy and non-renewable resources such as oil. As such, the creation of each new plastic bag sucks a little more out of the environment. Fortunately, biodegradable plastic bags seeing greater use today.

A big part of the problem people refer to when talking about the environmental effect of plastic bags are the lightweight disposable bags supermarkets and shops use. But heavyweight plastic like those from RutanPoly.com can be used repeatedly, causing less of a problem.

Change of Habits

In truth, the banning of plastic bags is very low priority when all the environmental issues of concern are taken into account. In fact, several green supporters are suggesting to educate people and change habits instead of forcing the issue.

Other people refer to the fact that the banning of plastic bags simply shifts the problem elsewhere. For example, cities that have banned the use of plastic bags reported an increase in the sale of plastic bin bags. In other places where paper bags are used, there also appears the issue of virgin paper pulp.

No to Complacency

Some environmentalists who are also against the banning of plastic bags raise what is perhaps one of the most crucial but also the most neglected side to the whole debacle: that the banning of plastic bags breed complacency.

When a person chooses to use paper, they might fall into the trap of thinking they are already stepping up to the whole plight of green living. But there is an even bigger picture and even bigger issues that need immediate addressing compared to what you are picking up or throwing away.