The 3 Core Features Your Payroll Software Should Have

AccountingBookkeeping allows businesses to manage and monitor their financial well-being conveniently and efficiently. If you want to go digital, there are many accounting software available in the market for varied business industries, sectors, and sizes. Usually, their categories include payroll, business management, and web-hosted software.

Preparing employee payroll is one of the most complex accounting aspects in every business. It’s still possible to prepare payments manually, but online bookkeeping software can help you automate the process. It has two primary types — desktop and cloud software. Whichever your choice, here are their core features:


Most payroll software includes the preparation of an end-year report. It’s, however, vital to check and make sure all that you require is supported. You can settle for a package that calculates and provides relevant tax figures. This will help your employees and the organization in completing tax returns. Any payroll software you purchase should be able to support the online filing of tax returns.


Payroll software should blend well with other related software that your HR and accounting use. If your payroll application is part of a vendor’s general software line, this is usually not an issue. For mixed software environments, however, make sure that the product is compatible with your other systems.

Deduction Support

A crucial payroll function will be calculating deductions. Settle for a product that allows deductions according to your organization’s specific needs with no costly charges. Health plans, deferred compensation plans, and union dues are all necessary deductions that any payroll software should support.

An efficient payroll software can reduce the burden of complex payroll calculations and comprehend complex legislation systems. This, in turn, decreases your administrative costs. When choosing a payroll software, you should take into account the available expertise in your organization. The impact it will have on your business is also an important consideration.

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