The Benefits Of BGAN In Different Industries

a parabolic satellite dishDo you ever dream of a world without cellular dead zones or service outages? Do you wish that all of your calls have quality connections and that there are no call drops? Luckily, with today’s technological advancements, there are field-proven systems that tremendously improve communication among professionals and organisations across the globe.

What is BGAN?

BGAN stands for Broadband Global Area Network. BGAN comprises three stationary satellites owned by Inmarsat. All of these satellites orbit Earth to ensure quality connection no matter where you are on the planet. It is considered the first communications service to provide voice and broadband data simultaneously.

Streaming services, SMS texting, ISDN, fax, phone, and high-speed internet are some services offered by BGAN. Even professionals and organisations have found the use of BGAN to be beneficial, here’s why:


The traditional news-gathering solutions of the media have specific hindrances such as having to carry large equipment that produces low-quality images. With BGAN, live news reporters can now enjoy immediate live broadcasting, integrated user interface, ease-of-use equipment, and secured direct transmissions from hot spots across the globe.


Having broadband connectivity and instant access to the internet is what makes an ordinary room different from an office. With BGAN, business is possible even when you’re travelling the world. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to find an aircraft with BGAN. BGAN terminals allow connections through a satellite. These portable terminals are the reason why you can connect to the internet even when you are 35,000 feet off the ground.


With BGAN, soldiers who have been deployed to remote areas can easily access the enterprise network. BGAN also supports legacy voice, ISDN cryptos, type I cryptos, and VPN products. Furthermore, government and military clients can trust Inmarsat in securing certain communications. With its trademark reliability, Inmarsat excels in its responsibility of providing reliable connections and maritime safety services.

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Field Work

Businesses involving oil and gas will enjoy the standard office applications provided by BGAN. Even during field explorations, you can use email, fax, intranet, internet, VPN, VoIP, telephony, and file transfer. BGAN allows you to set up a temporary office with the use of its terminals and have instant access to broadband connectivity. Furthermore, test results and exploration reports can be communicated immediately.

Emergency Response

Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network is set to provide voice and high-speed data that apply to broadband and fixed or vehicular mobile command posts. BGAN ensures operability even when terrestrial networks are down. Furthermore, it also ensures interoperability for individual police officers, fire-fighters, and other emergency responders.

With BGAN, you can enjoy world-class satellite experience and be able to work comfortably and without any disruptions. Additionally, there is a sense of security that an industry’s operation continues even in times of disaster.