The Branding Game and 360-Degree Type of Storytelling

Woman in Brisbane trying Facebook 360 in MobileFacebook’s 360 update has been wowing users since 2015. The new feature immerses users in experiences and landscapes captured by fellow users. Simply put, it is a different level of storytelling.

A number of brands immediately joined the 360 bandwagon, sensing it would be the next big thing in branding. Others, however, choose to observe and see where the new trend will take them. While marketers and advertisers are yet to fully embrace the 360 trend, it looks like Facebook storytelling is about to level up another notch.

Advanced Brand Storytelling

The breathtaking images combined with the realistic atmosphere make 360 content the hot topic of online storytelling among search engine optimisation companies in Brisbane.

The non-linear and interactive medium changed the way users think about stories. It is a big difference from the traditional static content. This new form of storytelling introduces a different approach, which leads users to a more open world of discovery.

Experts believe Facebook 360 changed the form of content for the better, as brands motivate audiences with content that comes to life.

360 Content: Fad or Forever?

These 360 videos and images might come with slower adoption processes, but marketers can still take advantage of the new feature. For example, since 360 content is compatible with mobile devices, it serves as an effective platform for mobile users.

As businesses continue to brainstorm for new ways to create visually appealing content — particularly in the field of 360 — it takes mobile experience to the next level.

The hype of new technology eventually wears off, but substantive stories will stand the test of time. It focuses on technology, but it also prioritises compelling stories.

The right equipment combined with a wildfire of imagination enables brands to enjoy the Facebook 360 advantage. Businesses that choose this path are up for exciting opportunities as users admire this newest form of storytelling.

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