The Evolution of Pathology and Its Benefits to Humans

Evolution of PathologyPathology is just as critical as almost every other medical specialty. With its focus on disease cause and nature determination, pathologists provide invaluable assistance to doctors through their thorough examination and testing of bodily tissues and fluids.

As a result, primary health care professionals can come up with an accurate diagnosis of their patients’ diseases, and develop a treatment plan that best suits them.

The humble beginnings of pathology

For the longest time, the ability of pathologists to communicate samples has resulted in the delays of other medical disciplines. In the past, it involved graph printing and image taking shared within a group of medical professionals.

The problem with recording and tracking of data rarely provided an accurate outcome, especially in the field of pathology, however. Before, the process of sharing of pathology slides involved multiple re-sorting of glass slides; re-setting up of the microscope; and hours and hours of collaboration with other doctors.

Years ago, pathologist went through all these steps since traditional for-medical-use cameras can’t capture the smallest, yet critical subtleties of tissue staining.

The revolution and evolution

Much thanks to the improvements in almost every other aspect of the human life, pathology has also gone digital. Recently, progress in human genomics and medical technologies has revolutionized the branch of pathology, with health and medical professionals now having access to digital pathology systems.

Today, with these systems, specialists can utilize promising techniques that allow them to manipulate digital images in various significant ways, resulting in far more and accurate diagnoses.

From making primary diagnoses to offering second consultations or opinions; from use in telepathology to ensuring quality assurance (proficiency testing); and from faster and better collaboration with other doctors and medical specialists to more effective image analysis; digital pathology can deliver results that have the potential of saving even more lives.

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