The Invaluable Roles Estimation Plays in Construction Works

Estimation in ConstructionThere are many prerequisites for every construction job. One of the most important is estimation where civil engineers have to determine the probable cost of the project. They need to come up with an estimate even before the beginning of the task at hand, and then alter it or make adjustments when unforeseen circumstances occur.

However, it is critical that civil engineers provide an estimate prior to the beginning of the project, as it is the basis of how the owner will allot a budget and bid for materials, contractors, and other elements of the construction work. Fortunately, with the help of a civil estimating software (like Pronamics') the tasked engineers can come up with a good estimate. With such a program at their disposal, they can make certain they meet the most important roles of estimation, including the following:

The feasibility between financial resources and cost

An important function of estimation is determining the feasibility of the project. This helps engineers establish whether the client’s financial resources can match the overall potential cost of the construction work.

Proper scheduling and planning

A detailed estimation includes not only quantities of the different types of items and work involved, but also the resources required for each phase of the project. By coming up with an estimate that most likely will be within the range of the actual cost, contractors and subcontractors can finish each step of the project without delays.

Materials required for the project

Estimation also involves everything that has to do with the materials required for the project, especially when it comes to controlled materials, like steel, cement, and wood among many others. This way, they can make applications with the appropriate authorities.

Cost calculation

Another critical function of estimation is its use for framing work tenders as well as checking the work done by the contractors and subcontractors while the project is on-going and after its finalization. This allows for easier organization of payments to the contractor and subcontractors.

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As a final note, keep in mind a good estimate means establishing a cost that does not go beyond five to 10 percent of the actual cost.