Tips for Preventing False Alarms

emergency alarm mounted on wallFalse alarms are not only annoying but can also increase your electricity bills. They can even startle your pets and irritate your neighbors. Worst, false alarms may make homeowners hesitate to use their alarm systems in Utah, and that’s the wish of any burglar out there. Here are a few tips for preventing false alarms:

Learn to Use Key Tags Correctly

Failing to use the key tags correctly and entering incorrect passwords are the top causes of false alarms. However, creating an alarm code that everyone can remember can prevent false alarms. You also have to inform everyone in the family once you’ve changed the coding.

Educate Family Members and Guests

You have to let every family member and visitor know that you use an armed home security system. You should also teach them to arm and disarm the system if they are staying with you for a while. Of course, every homeowner wants to be sure that each guest or family member has the phone number and verification code when a home security system activates itself.

Keep Stray Objects Away from Motion Detectors

Your kids and their playmates can activate false alarms, and so can stray objects. You can remove any object that could be hanging or placed near the sensors if you believe that motion sensor activation could be causing a false alarm. You also need to clean up sensors regularly and ensure that they are free from insects and cobwebs.

Battery Replacements

An alarm system will display a warning code when the power becomes too low. One of the top causes of false alarms is an inconsistent power supply. While some wireless alarm systems come with batteries that can last longer, misuse and false alarm activations can reduce their lifespan.

Using a home security system regularly is the best way to prevent false alarms. Let everyone in your family learn how to use the security system and become confident in how it works. That will lessen the likelihood of a false alarm.

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