Top Tips for Navigating Through a Career Crossroad

a group of professionalsWhether you’re faced with multiple career opportunities, or you feel that your current job is at a standstill, don’t rush on to a decision that may be driven by emotions rather than objective thought. Clear your mind and introspect for the next best move. Here are some considerations that may help you through this crossroad:

Seek Professional Help

One way to navigate through an overwhelming career crossroad is to seek help from professionals who can look at your situation with an objective eye. Seek professional career counselling services so that you can have a more thorough analysis of the situation.

A career counsellor can help you explore your options, tell you about labour market trends and assess your skills. They can also help you strategize for the most effective job search and advise you how to ascend the corporate ladder.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

It’s easy to lose yourself in the emotions and excitement at the thought of joining a prestigious company. In the same way, if you’re in a job that you’ve grown accustomed to but have exhausted avenues for growth, the thought of change can be daunting at best.

To help you assess the situation objectively, ask yourself what kind of person you will become if you make this move. Think about whether this direction contributes towards your overall life goals, or if this opportunity connects with your personal values. Does it offer growth, both professional and personal?

Another item to consider is what you will give up after taking this path. What is the opportunity cost of this choice and what sacrifices does it entail? You may be expecting a salary increase by taking another opportunity but what else will it cost you? Does it mean moving to another city where rent may be much higher? Does it mean moving away from friends and family?

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Take a pause and think carefully before making your next move. Your next course of action in a career crossroad will greatly affect the overall direction of your life.