Top Ways to Go Green at Home

Solar panels on top of the roofGlobal warming and an overuse of natural resources concern many citizens, but there are ways to make your home ‘green’. Find out how you can save energy and water and do your part for the environment.

People have the largest environmental impact on the planet, generating ‘greenhouse’ gases, using vast quantities of water and consuming resources faster than they replace them. Everyone can do something to develop a sustainable future. Rapid Plas outlines some of the most effective ways to conserve natural resources for future generations.

Switch Off Appliances After Use

Switch off TV sets, computers and other electrical equipment when not in use. Many people leave electronics on standby mode. This wastes electricity, costs money and can be a fire hazard. Lighting should only be turned on in rooms that are occupied.

Conserve Heat

Using thicker lined curtains during the colder months can keep the heat inside, just like what draught excluders on doorways do. Double glazed windows are better at keeping draught out and they have the added benefit of keeping the noise out, too.

Choose ‘A’-Rated Appliances

Buy refrigerators, washing machines and cookers with an ‘A’ rating for efficient energy consumption.

Get a Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tank suppliers will be able to install a rainwater harvesting system for the home. The Australian government provides rebates to people who choose to harvest rainwater to help them cover the installation cost. The collected water can be used for washing machines, toilet flushing, cleaning the home and watering the plants. The system reduces dependence on mains water by up to 50%.

Get Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used to power lighting fixtures, heat the shower or turn on the TV set. In areas with a lot of sunlight, homeowners may end up having more power than they need. They can then sell their excess power back to the grid to receive huge deductions from their electricity bill.

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Installing rainwater tanks and solar panels while making minor changes in your habits can make drastic differences. In addition, you are making the environment a big favour.