Update the News, Update Your SEO Game

SEO Firm in Twin CitiesIs your website all about the latest news? Optimizing (the right way) might just lead you to an online goldmine.

Before you dive headfirst into the news business, know that just having a news section on your site won’t make the cut. Google News won’t quickly index your site unless it focuses on news ALONE (e.g. The Guardian or Huffington Post).

Google knows its service is not for marketing. So, what do you do?

Send your press releases everywhere.

Know the AMPs

Any SEO company in the Twin Cities will say that quality content is useless if you can’t do mobile pages right. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) exist to display articles easily on phones rather than slow down the loading with a full-blown site. AMP removes all the fancy stuff and focuses on the main content.

A WordPress plugin by Automattic encourages AMPs. Just read the latest recaps about the plugin to ensure quality results.

Learn the Structure of Your News Site

Typical news websites should have articles on one side and categories and tags on the other. Be careful, however, with the second structure. It might matter more compared to articles that come and go. Use all efforts to optimize taxonomy pages.

Steps will include the following:

  • Evaluating all categories
  • Adding tags and sub-categories
  • Adding pagination
  • Removing irrelevant or outdated content

Update Articles ASAP

As soon as the news finds you, publish it immediately. Readers are all for CURRENT events, so make sure you update all articles of the day. Double check what you publish; everything should be updated and should contain accurate information. No need to add new articles with every update—Google News wants permanent links.

Technology is unpredictable and will continue to pave the way for better optimization. Give your news site a better advantage by following the tips above. 

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