Ways to Keep Your Hotel’s Good Reputation

Hotel room with sunlight from the windowYou have a hotel with a good image. It’s practically a part of the town’s heritage already. You think that no matter how bad business goes, you’ll have the hotel’s name working for you. You expect guests to return and make your fairy tale end happily.

In real life, you cannot rely on a respected name. So many negative reviews can ruin your hotel’s image, so do these things before any damage is done:

Keep Exteriors Welcoming

First impressions last when it comes to the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a quaint bed and breakfast or a five-star hotel, possible guests will be looking at the place surrounding your establishment. That means the landscape, for the most part, so if you haven’t chosen from the many lawn service companies in your area, now is the time to do so. Don’t wait for peak season to schedule lawn maintenance work.

Train and Retrain Staff

You’ve trained them before they were allowed to face guests, but how many years ago was that? Certain industry practices might have changed, and guests of today can be different from the guests you prepared them to handle. Guests are more discerning and might have absurd demands that define their stay. If your staff is neglectful of these demands or act rudely, things will go south for your business quickly.

Take Suggestions Seriously

Every room should allow guests to leave feedback about their stay. These comments and suggestions should not be taken for granted. The future of your business is on the line. Your guest might have been generous in their wording, but it does not mean that they take the situation lightly. Their next visit should see a notable improvement. They’ll find it easier to trust your business again if they see you work on improving your service.

The hospitality industry is all about comfort, excellent service, and relaxation. If you nail these three aspects, your business will boom.

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