Why Messaging Apps are Game Changers for Businesses

Using messaging appsPeople on social media developed a habit of posting everything online – events, notes, photos, and videos – for everyone to see. These days, while there are still people making their lives public, some of them opt to show only a few people, which is what messaging apps are for.

JOIO.us shares that by using mobile messaging apps, conversations are now more private. Over the past few years, innovations have sprung in the field of online communication: from talking on computers to mobile devices, ideas continue to emerge and change the way people talk to each other.

Businesses are also using these apps to change the way they interact with their consumers. How exactly do they help grow businesses?

Reach Potential Customers

There are billions of people active on messaging apps so your potential to reach a target demographic is already big enough as it is.

Celebrate Milestones and New Products

One way of reaching out to your customers is by celebrating the launch of a new product or celebrating a company milestone with them. Not only will you be providing them with inside scoop about what they should watch out for, but you also share significant company goals with your consumers, as well as your team.

Customer Feedback

For you to improve the products and services offered, you need customer feedback that you can quickly act on. With mobile messaging apps, you have access to it anytime, anywhere – and quickly pass feedback to your team.

Compared to Other Platforms of Communication

Aside from mobile messaging apps, other means of communication are available to the masses. The continuous innovations of these apps aim to alleviate the problems consumers face when they use other platforms.

Phone calls: The number one complaint cited by consumers when making calls is being put on hold. Plus, it’s inefficient since you can only deal with one customer at a time. When your business starts using messaging apps, there’s no need for customers to wait or be put on hold since all they have to do is send a message and an agent will reply to them shortly.

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Web chat: They’re rarely optimized for mobile devices, offering poor user experience. Plus, chat history isn’t available here, unlike messaging apps where you can review previous conversations anytime. Web chats don’t recognize returning users, whereas mobile messaging apps display your profile picture and the necessary details.

Many businesses use social media for customer support. While some can handle complaints well in public, there are businesses which prefer to manage feedback privately, which is what messaging apps offer.

If your business isn’t on mobile messaging apps yet, now is the best time to tap these apps and interact with your customers in a different, more efficient way.