Why More and More Americans Are Turning to Online Dating

Woman on an online dating siteTechnology has shaped every aspect of people’s lives — including dating. Gone are the days of awkward proposals and rejections, disastrous blind dates and incompatibilities that abound through a lack of information.

Online dating has gone from being widely accepted to being a part of American culture, and maybe it’s time to see what the hype is about.

Everyone is using it

Close to 50 million Americans use online dating sites and matchmaking dating apps, and almost 1 in 2 Americans know someone who has personally used a dating app.

Meeting a spouse or a partner through a dating site or with the help of a dating app is no longer frowned upon as society embraces the use of technology.

It’s easy to use

Developers designed dating apps to foster interactions between individuals that deem themselves compatible. You don’t need to actively find someone who shares your interests or finds you attractive — the app does everything for you.

It sifts through a database of thousands to find the right person according to the specifications that you provided. The specifications of your date can all be handled through your phone, and important details, such as allergies and dietary preferences, are easily taken care of.

It sets you up for success

Using a dating app forgoes the awkwardness of wondering if someone is attracted to you by setting you up with people who already consider you interesting.

No more extended courting rituals that could just end up going nowhere — dating apps use complex algorithms that predict mutual interest between you and your potential date. In fact, 80 percent of Americans who’ve tried online dating can attest that online dating is a great way to meet people.

The digital age has ended — this is the age of experience. Dating apps use the information you provide to find the best possible partners and give you the best possible dating experience.

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